A few days in Staniel Cay

A few days in Staniel Cay

While the pig beach did, in fact, deserve a post of their own, there is still a lot to be said of Staniel Cay, the little town that neighbors the pigs.

This was the first town that we came to that actually looked like a picturesque caribbean village. This is probably due to the fact that hardly anyone lives here and its mostly tourists. Even so, the little businesses and houses/hotels were adorable!

At the epicenter of the town is Staniel Cay Yacht Club – a cruisers’ mandatory stop. They have a laid back bar and restaurant, and nearby are grocery stores (kinda) and a laundromat. We stayed about 3 days anchored here and got to enjoy what the town has to offer.

The food stores were the “pink” house and the “blue” house. As we were not around for a mail boat delivery, the selection was very poor and I couldn’t even find eggs. To be fair, I did find a dozen eggs for $11, but I refused to buy those on principle (and they were past their best by date). On the bright side, you can do your laundry while watching HGTV (!!!!!) and sipping on a cocktail.

At the marina, they have a fish cleaning station that the fishing boats frequently use. Lazy sharks have picked up on this habit, and hang around the beach waiting for their scraps. In fact, the whole area was filled with nurse sharks and we saw several by our boat. Needless to say, I kept all my limbs in the boat at all times.

To finish our lovely time in Staniel, we had sunset drinks with some of our new cruiser friends. I can see why people stay here a long time – but for us it was time to continue south.

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