Easiest fishing in Governor’s Harbor

Easiest fishing in Governor’s Harbor

Another great sail south got us the 20 kn miles to Governor Harbor. Arriving in the afternoon, we tidied up, cleaned, showered and made some dinner. We haven’t had much luck with fishing in the last week, so started working on those vegetarian meals and some of the meats carefully rationed in the freezer. Just around sunset we were inside each reading our books when a very loud noise caught our attention. It sounded like someone was angrily knocking on our hull.

I rushed outside, thinking our boat was about to run into someone else to warrant that much banging, but didnt see anyone. At the front of the boat, what I saw was a fish thrashing on our deck. As I got closer I recognized it as a spanish mackrel. I yelled at Stephen to grab the knife, and our fishing problems were over.

Please excuse the terrible photo, we actually only got a video of it, so this is a screenshot of said video.

My theory is that a bird caught it and dropped it as it was too heavy. Stephen thinks it jumped up on deck in pursuit of another fish. How it happened we will never know, but I sure do hope it happens again, and soon 🙂

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