What’s on the menu?

What’s on the menu?

Stephen’s new found hobby is fishing (or as he calls it, hunt).

I am basically of no help in this process other than to keep him company and to be on shark watch duty (don’t worry mom, I haven’t seen any yet). Our friends from Valkyrie swear that most of the sharks are harmless and that if you see one, it will most likely leave you alone. Their strategy for scaring them off is to poke them, or to just yell really loud. I’m still not sure I want to get close enough to test either theory. The one time Stephen did go out without me, he did see a little reef shark, about 7 feet long. I guess I will be his good luck charm to keep them away.

So what’s on the menu?

Lobster, not the prettiest creatures but one of the most delicious in my opinion. These are some of the biggest ones we have gotten so far!

Conch, the bahamian specialty! The pretties shells, the ugliest creature. I will spare you the pictures of the cleaning process, but its a slimy mess. Google at your own risk if you are really curious 🙂 The meat itself is pretty good. It doesn’t have a very strong flavor, but is a bit tough to the bite. Bahamians enjoy these fried and in a salad, kind of like ceviche. I gave the second attempt a try.

And fish. Our favorites have been grouper, snapper and jack fish with were all delicious. The true prize was when Stephen and Mike went casting, and came back 1.5 hours later with 23 fish. Nuts, I say.


We aren’t the only ones that get to enjoy the feast, there are always fish around looking for scraps. For days we have had these funny fish under our boat, Remoras.

Ray eating some fish scraps

Remoras are “shark suckers”, meaning they attach themselves to sharks and eat scraps. To do so, they have a very funny looking suction cup on top of thier heads. Everytime we threw some scrap food overboard they would quickly swim out and eat it up. Their favorites were moldy bread (we had a bit of a humidy problem), and fish bones. They were not super fond of lime rind.

Remora eating scraps

I refuse to jump in the water with them around, so hopefully they abandon us soon.


what happens when you de-scale a fish

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