Fish on the plane!

Fish on the plane!

Off of Wax Cay (very near to Norma’s Cay), there is a sunken plane. 

This is an old plane that used to smuggle drugs from Columbia to Miami in the late 70s. Now, it has transformed into a beautiful reef that we went snorkling around.

I would have been able to enjoy more had I not been attacked by vicious fish.

Okay, maybe not vicious, but very curious little guys. I kept trying to swim away but they would follow me just barely an inch from my face. There were plenty of other swimmers around but they only had eyes for me. Stephen was of no help, and actually told me to stop being a baby and making a scene. I would like to see if it were him in my fins.

We made it a quick stop as the current was ripping through and it was exausting to try to stay in the same place. But it was well worth the stop!

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