Fresh and Local food, IN THE BAHAMAS

Fresh and Local food, IN THE BAHAMAS

They said it couldn’t be done, but we found some locally grown veggies.

It is very true that it is hard to come across local produce (and we are still searching for local eggs). Most of the vegetables in stores comes imported from the US or Costa Rica. Because of this, it takes several weeks to transport the goods to the local bahamian islands. And this results in not only expensive, but also bruised and old veggies. Some things like carrots, potatoes and cabbage keep easily, but others become undesirable.

Needless to say, when I read about Island Farm in our guidebook I was going to beg, steal or borrow to find my way there.

It didn’t require any of the above, but did include some hitchhiking. The farm is about 5 miles away from the settlement we are anchored in. We walked over to the main road and I stuck my thumb out shyly, but didn’t get anyone one to stop. We walked a bit further up the road we saw a car right ahead of us with two lovely ladies (Sharon and Cici) that were trying to get our attention to give us a ride. As luck would have it, they were also headed to the farm.



We arrived in this beautiful tree filled location, with so much green, lots of picnic tables, and some little christmas lights decorating the bigger tree trunks. To the back, there was a little open shop with lots of leafy greens, vegetables, and a huge selection of homemade sauces, jams and other foods. Some days this selection also includes homemade breads.

The owners welcome you to walk around the farm, so we started going down a little path to take some pictures. Unfortunately for you, I stopped about 10 steps in, upon seeing a spider the size of my fist and quickly turned back. A was able to persuade Stephen to take a few pictures anyways.


After we were done, the owner, Clyde, drove us back to town and along the way told us all about how he started the farm 10 years ago and what he is doing to incentivize other locals in this and other islands to do the same.

The final score of the day was a successful run at hitchhiking (though we were mainly offered rides, and not asking for them , green beans, carrots, and delicious little bright red tomatoes. They all proved to be delicious. We quickly decided that we would stick around here enough days to make a second run.


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  1. Hey old friend!! I am loving following your travels and read all of your eventful blog posts this morning. Keep up the great writing! My husband and I are also plotting ways to leave everything and sail the globe. We are in the Phi Phi islands of Thailand now where the water is crystal blue and inspiring, but not nearly as inspiring as your posts 🙂

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