Friday Night Fish Fry

Friday Night Fish Fry

Every Friday night, Governor’s Harbor turns into a party with a DJ on the street, rum flowing freely (though not free), and tourists from all over the island turning up to the fish fry.

This is a little shack on the beach, that only opens on Friday nights (only) and serves fried fish, or grilled pork. We opted for the rum punch and fried fish, of course.

I will say, the night was more worthwhile for the company than for the actual food/drinks. We ran into Shannon, our hitchhiking picker-upper-friend and chatted with her a bit more. She promised (and delivered) a new cilantro plant for me since mine was on the verge of death. I will remember her every day I make ceviche and thank her for that.

We also met some fellow cruisers, in a very similar plan to ours. We had been following each other on Instagram and were able to meet up. Shari and Brian, on SV Jabawoki (I may have butchered spelling) were lots of fun and we hung out for about a week from the fish fry through 2 other anchorages. We hope to meet them again through the Exumas.

The next morning the sugary rum and fried food had the full effect on me. Hard to get away from any fried food in the Bahamas, but might have to stick with a beer next time around.

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