From Eleuthera to the Exumas

From Eleuthera to the Exumas

We have completed our first month in the Bahamas. While the weather hasn’t been as good as we expected, we have had a great time exploring the islands, talking to other cruisers, and learning about the bahamian culture.

Eleuthra was not on our initial cruise plan, but I am so glad we made that last minute change. But, now its time to set towards our original destination, the Exumas. This group of over 365 islands and cays are the favorites of many cruisers we have met and read about, and we are excited to learn why.

For the next month we will be working our way south through these islands, including the famous pig island and the Exumas national park which supposedly has some of the most gorgeous corals around. From there we will make a jump through Long Island or Mayaguana to Turks and Caicos.

The sail directly west was smooth cruising, we left entirely on sail and only turned on the engine coming in through the cut and looking for an anchorage. We already got a little taste of some of the tight anchorages and coral head negotiating that are notorious to the Exumas, but thankfully our passage and anchoring was a success.

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