Happy New Year from Eleuthera

Happy New Year from Eleuthera

Soldier Cay was absolutely gorgeous. We had it to ourselves with the welcome exception of a couple about our age in a very similar boat, SV Tuebar (apparently they are also fond of latin names). There was great fishing nearby, a beautiful and well protected beach, and plenty of room to try out the Stand Up Paddleboard. Unfortunately, at night this particular anchorage was extremely rolly, making for very long nights of being tossed and turned.

Soldier Cay

While I am enjoying being one with nature, as a true Brazilian I had to put my foot down that we would need to find a little company for New Years Eve. After a bit of research, we set off to the Spanish Wells, in a separate island grouping called Eleuthera.

We had a perfect day of sailing to our destination. Wind was in the low teens on our beam, and we had plenty of sunshine to stay warm. This passage was through the Atlantic ocean vs. through the calmer and shallower waters of the bahamian sound, so we had hoped for some deep water fishing but unfortunately nothing bit. It was about a 5 or 6 hour sail, and we wanted to get in before dusk, to allow for time to anchor with some light. Especially since by mid afternoon the waves had begun to build up a bit and we were heading straight towards are pretty narrow cut. We anchored just on the inside of Egg island, and the next day enjoyed the reef and beaches around the area, including finding some green coconuts for refreshments. Our humble sailboat was surrounded by 3 or 4 mega yaghts, each towing not only a dingy, but a finishing boat, a couple of jet skis, and some kayak/SUP equipement.

The next morning we set the short distance to Spanish Wells early in the morning. It was December 31st so we had to scope out any plans quickly. After a quick nap, we were ready to head to town for a countdown, that even included some fireworks (though, not fairly compared to New Year’s in Rio).

From Spanish Wells, the forecast started to look a little grim. A cold front (the same that had just attacked our friends in NYC with arctic temperatures and even brought snow to Tallahassee) was headed our way. We seeked out a protected spot in Royal Island to hunker down for the next few days. And that was a about all we did. Some baking, some cleaning, and oh so much reading. Winds built up to nearly 40 knots over the next two days, and at times we were nail biting and just staring at our GPS to make sure we didn’t budge, but the Rocna continues to impress us and held tight.

Our anchor GPS shows that through the 2+ days we swung just about in every direction
nearly 40 kn winds.

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