Iguanas on the Beach

Iguanas on the Beach

Our first stop in the Exumas was Allen Cay, an infamous stop for the iguana beach.

The little creatures have taken over 2 different islands, and are a unique type of iguana named the Exuma Iguana. They are an endangered species and protected by the country, which does not allow “hurting, holding or harassing” them. They are extremely used to humans, and hurry to welcome any boat that they are trained to know will bring them food – but do not be fooled, they are not docile creatures.

What surprised me the most was that they were absolutely not scared at all of humans. In the morning we went to the beach to feed them some bread, and the iguanas would swarm you, and get super close wanting more! I had to run away to the water to escape the fate of our fellow cruisers, who were bitten. In fact, later that day we were sitting on the beach cleaning up some fish, and the little guys kept coming up to steal our food! I would shoo, clap loudly, yell and stomp but they were very persistent.

They definitely steal the beach to make it un-usable to humans. I would not want to sit there for longer than 5 minutes, but luckily in the bahamas there are no shortage of sandy stretches so there is plenty to share.

We had a great view of them from our anchorage, and also were able to watch the tour boats come through. We felt a little extra pleased to have these guys to ourselves on the beach and not have to share with the power boats.

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