Life aboard thus far

Life aboard thus far

It’s been 6 months since we turned in the keys to our NYC apartment. While it may not be fair to say we have been living aboard this whole time, we have fully embraced the nomad life.

From June through early July, it was all new and wonderful. As we hopped from town to town down the east coast we started to get used to life onboard. Cooking in a one burner kitchen, cold showers, sleeping with minimal foot space, bumping your head 5-7 times per day and constantly rocking, just a little bit. We had a few great sails, which gave us the chance to test (and be very pleased) with our new B&G autopilot, intermingled with a lot of motoring through the ICW. Before we knew it, we were packing up the boat and catching a plane to Brazil.

In mid July we flew to Rio de Janeiro, my home town, to spend the (northern) summer. I moved away from Rio at a young age, and ever since have been visiting 1-2 times per year, but always a short vacation. I had always wanted an opportunity to spend a bit more time there, giving me the chance to travel around a little bit of Brazil. During our 3 months there, we did just that. We visited some beautiful small towns, and gorgeous beaches. We also had some quality family time (though this required jumping over the atlantic for a few weeks in London and Lisbon). Aprehensively, we watched from far away as Irma, Maria and Harvey destroyed so many boats and destinations. Since our boat was still in North Carolina, we were not directly affected by the storms, but very saddeded by the devastation they caused in many of the places we have dreamed of visiting. We know recovery efforts are in full blast and are still looking forward to sailing to these places.

Since October, we have been back in the states. We were eager to get back to the boat and launch. That process took a bit longer than we would have liked, with a never endling list of projects. The biggest of these was building a refrigerator/freezer. Previously, we had only had a engine powered sea-frost, not ideal as cruisers. This would have required running our engine at least twice a day to cool down the fridge (and no freezer). Stephen worked through several scenarios to avoid a full out custom build – but alas nothing else would have worked with the space and/or budget we had in mind. In addition to the fridge, we also worked on re-wiring our anteana, some teak restoring, and a good ol’ boat polish. We were back in the water by the end of October. Our first stop was Charleston, SC; followed by Beaufort, SC; Savannah, GA; and finally Miami, FL where we are now. Stephen’s dad lives in Miami, we are were able to spend Thanksgiving with family and alternate between staying on the boat and in their home while we prepare to head to the Bahamas.

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