Norman’s (AKA Narcos) Cay

Norman’s (AKA Narcos) Cay

Ok so first off, its not really called Narcos Cay, but in my honest opinion it probably should be. I will get to that in a minute.

We came here to seek protection from some very rough weather headed our way (yes, again). The advantage of this place is that it is basically a lake, with one little small opening to allow boats to come and go. The dissadvantage is that said entrance is charted around 2 feet at low tide. Not exactly a keel friendly place. Because of this, we hadn’t really considered this as an option for us until our (much more experienced) friends aboard Valkyrie said that we could make it in. They had just anchored in themselves (in a cat) but sounded the way for us then guided us in with their dingy. Thanks to them, we made it through with all our bottom paint, and added another consecutive day to the “haven’t touhed the bottom” score.

We were definitely rewarded for the tight entrance with all around protection and some great fishing before battening down the hatches for the wind storm. And here we stayed for a bit over a week. The island had some pretty beaches to offer, though the wind was a bit too strong and the beach was a sand blast zone.

Some of the great adventures we had were walking around the island and snorkeling around, which brings me back to the Narcos reference. This island was a main route of drug runners back in the 80s. They would take cocaine from Columbia, land here, then transfer to smaller planes that could enter the US more easily. There is still an operational runway (you can catch a plane, but no cell phone signal), but any other reminders of that era have gone to decay.

As we walked around the island we came across the abandoned homes used by Carlos and his men. Apparently after they were arrested they just abandoned it all behind, and have been good for some squatters since then.

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