Our Mark on Boo Boo Hill

Our Mark on Boo Boo Hill

As the saying goes, every good rule has an exception. This is no different in the Exumas park. Typically it is a “take only pictures, leave only footprints (or bubbles)”, but at Boo-Boo hill you are welcome to leave an offering to the spirits for good weather and safe passage.

The story goes that on a wild, stormy day many years ago an unlucky schooner sunk off the coast of Warderick Wells. Sadly, no one survived the disaster and no bodies were ever found. Local people say that if you climb to the top of the highest hill on a full moon, you can hear the voices of the lost souls. Boo-Boo hill is named for the sounds of the ghosts.

Today, cruisers that pass through here leave behind driftwood with the name of their boat. Full disclosure, and all those who know me know this already: I have next to zilch in artistic talent. To make matters more difficult we also have no “art” supplies onboard. We decided to burn “Carpe Ventum” onto the wood.

I did the best I could, okay? The end is a little frumpy as we ran out of lighter fluid. Oh well, final product looked like this.

So we hiked, and hiked and hiked, and finally made it. My sign was really put to shame as I looked at the neighboring ones.

We added to the pile, took in some fresh air, and more importantly scrammed for a little wave of 3g signal to call mom and dad. I am guessing due to the elevation the cell phone magically worked long enough to send news home that all was well (after 10 days of being digitally isolated).

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