Paradise Found – the most perfect beach

Paradise Found – the most perfect beach

We have been in Governor’s Harbor for a week. With the exception of summer in Brazil, we have not been in one place this long since starting this trip. We had also never intended to stay this long in one place, but between the dreadful weather we have had and the amount of things to do here, time just flew by. And we knew we needed to stay at least until there was one good day of weather to check out French Leave beach.

And oh was it SO worth it!

This beach atually faces the atlantic side, which if you have seen the post about the Glass Bridge might seem a little frightening. But it is well protected by some coral offshore, and makes it a tranquil, beautiful beach. Along the shore there used to be a resort, the Club Med, but a hurricane several years ago brought too much destruction and they abandoned the hotel.

The sand on this beach is actually a very light shade of pink, and you can see closely that it is a mix of regular sand and very pink grains. The water was everything you would want from the Bahamas, warm, shallow and with small waves. In my honest opinion, there is very little that could ever possibly be improved in this beauty – it’s just that close to perfect. And we had this little piece of paradise nearly to ourselves.


Because we did not have umbrellas, we had to sneak out by mid afternoon as the sun was really strong. We were able to hitch a ride back to town with a very nice couple. Everyone on this island is so friendly and helpful, both locals and tourists alike and are making us feel right at home.

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