Take a Tour

Take a Tour

Unfortunately we did not do our part of taking many pictures when we first bought Carpe Ventum (at the time, her name was Showtime) but this is what she looks like now!

The saloon (aka living/dining/office room): tons of storage, and the table folds up entirely, or folds out to comfortably sit 6 people. When the table is up, we can convert the port side couch into a double bed. The starboard couch can sleep an additional person.

 The Stateroom (yeah, right, just bedroom will do)a V berth, that goes feet first to leave as much head room as possible. Its quite cozy and has a lot more closet space than I originally anticipated. We keep most clothes in baskets, but there are also two separate hanging closets. The daily challenge is making this bed… oye vey…

 Nav Table (aka command center): Where the magic happens.

The quarter birth (aka our garage): this is technically room for another couple to sleep, but we have removed the mattress and converted this to storage. We keep our sewing machine, water maker, extra tools, fishing gear, extra seats and much more back there.

The Galley (kitchen): Where I spend most of my time. Its actually not bad and I have gotten well used to the space. Tons of storage, and convertible platforms to make lots of prep room where both of us can help make meals.

The Head (bathroom): Our stand up (cold) shower, is really all that is needed for this room. We also have a lot of storage, so much I actually  have a whole empty shelf here…