The crappy 3 days in Key Largo

The crappy 3 days in Key Largo

This happened back in December, when we were still in Miami. However, it is now day 3 of sitting in the rain in the Bahamas and I have officially run out of things to clean, bake or organize. Oh and I finished my book too. So, here goes the story of some pretty crappy days in the first of the beloved Florida Keys.

We decided to take a pretty spontaneous trip down to Key Largo. We only had a few days to kill before needed to come back to Miami, but we figured why the heck not. Picked up some minimal groceries, and off we were. We sailed down the Biscayne bay on a beam reach and with the sun in our faces. The wind was great, and it was an all around enjoyable afternoon. The first night we anchored about halfway down near Pumpkin

Key, since we had a late start to our day. It was a beautiful anchorage we had to ourselves, other than a few pesky mosquitoes.

Early the next day we motored through the two bridges, sailed in between in light winds and anchored just in time for happy hour in Sunset Cove. And the name did not disappoint.

The next morning we got stuck in some pretty nasty weather. Winds were swing up to 40+ knots and out came all the blankets again. This lasted 2 full days and nights of pouring rain, crazy wind and chilly days. When the weather finally got better, we started our way back north towards Miami, but made a quick pitstop in Tarpon basin as we needed a couple of things from Publix. Now, you might be thinking this doesn’t really sound like that bad of days, just a little crummy weather. Chin up and get used to it. But this is when it takes a turn.

We walk the 1.5 miles to the grocery store. On the way back we see a terrible accident involving a young teen on his bike who had just been hit by a car. We stopped and tried to calm him and the driver down, but the police and ambulance were soon there to take over. It seems the kid made it through okay other than a badly broken leg.

As we get back to our dingy, we are stopped by a man who asks us if that plastic boat is ours. We confirm, and he claims that our dingy had damaged his, and in the process of moving our boat he accidentally dropped his phone in the water. He also says we don’t need to worry about the boat damage, but he would appreciate a new phone. Now, there are several reasons that this story is unlikely. 1) Our boat is made of plastic, his of aluminum (and very beat up to begin with) 2) Our boat was downwind from his, making it impossible to naturally swing that way 3) Even if it all were true, what fault to we have that he dropped his phone?

After talking through would not get him to back down, we had to involve the police and file an official report. We were also advised to leave immediately, and avoid any additional confrontation with the guy who had a bad reputation. Needless to say, we rushed back to the boat while the police were still there are zipped out of sight immediately. Luckily this was the end of the story, even though I was fully freaked out and locked us in the boat all night in case he came looking for us.

We had heard of a lot of these “unwanted locals” who live on boats in the keys. I guess we just weren’t expecting to be a first hand account, especially within only a few days of arriving in the keys. Hopefully we will have better luck in our next visit.

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