The Crew

The Crew

I come from a family of boat lovers, and am no different myself. I grew up between Rio de Janeiro (which I call home) and a few different landlocked places in the US, depending where my dad’s job took us. During my years in Brazil, my dad bought a 32 foot boat where we spent many long weekends and holidays. As a kid, I didn’t do much of the sailing myself but loved being on the boat. After my dad sold the boat, we continued to always go sailing on my uncle’s boat, and I took up lessons both in windsurfing and in sailing optimists (note, I am still not sure if that is what they are called in english, but small boats for one person, that kids often learn in even here in the US).

Since my most recent move to the states (coming up on 15 years ago) I had’t done much sailing living in Texas. That is, until my boyfriend bought us a boat. It’s been a lot of fun re-learning how to get my sea legs and how to actually navigate and trim sails.

The more general stuff about me: I am 29, I work(ed) in advertising, and love traveling. I am not much of a hobbiest, so I am most apprehensive about having enough to keep my mind and self busy while on the trip. I hear from other cruisers that is not a problem, there is always something to fix, clean or cook. Fun. I look forward to catching up on a long reading list I have accumulated over the years, and practicing my spanish, but really what I am most excited about is meeting new people and seeing new places.

Born and raised in Texas, I was eager to see what life was like in the big city. Straight out of college, I got recruited to one of the big accounting firms in New York, packed my belongings, and never looked back. Well, other than for visiting Luiza while she was finishing up school and to visit friends over the years. In New York, beyond working endless hours I took up several hobbies: first was mountain biking, which landed me a broken collar bone. Next was mountain climbing and hiking, but Luiza was not as enthusiastic about those sports as I. We both love and did a lot of skiing, but thats only a few (if lucky) months out of the year. Thats when I fell in love with sailing.

Luiza actually introduced me to my first experience. We were vacationing at a hotel in Hatchet Cay, Belieze and there was a laser that guests could take out. We went out a few times and I was hooked. Coming back to New York I immediately began researching how to fit sailing into my lifestyle. We joined the Manhattan Sailing club, but the hours on the water were limited and in order to really learn how to captain a boat, I figured I needed a boat of my own.

Since buying our Sabre, its about the only hobby I have had time for.