A bit of history

A bit of history

What makes us think we are not going to drive each other insane with 24/7 contact and a serious lack of space?

Well, I can’t answer just yet if we will or will not. But one thing is for sure, if we make it out stronger together we will know that we have a good future ahead.

The two of us met in 2009, Stephen finishing up his masters in accounting and myself on my junior year of my advertising/marketing undergrad. I had just come back from a semester abroad in Spain, as was looking forward to celebrating my best friend’s birthday. Through mutual friends, Stephen was also at that party, then at another party the following weekend. About a week later we were going on our first date, then a month later an official couple, just in time for valentines day.

Stephen had already accepted a job in New York beginning in May, so we weren’t sure how this long distance thing would go, especially for only knowing each other a few months. But, we stayed together for that year and the next summer I was ready to join him in New York. We got an apartment in alphabet city, then a year or two later moved into Astoria, where we called home until a few months ago.

One thing that has always drawn us together is that we both have a very strong desire for adventure. Since being together, we have been to over 20 countries, most during an epic summer backpacking in Europe back in 2015. Locally, we are always out sailing, skiing, hiking, or just spending time outdoors. We are both very excited for this next chapter of seeing a bit more of the world from out floating home.