This little piggy went to the beach

This little piggy went to the beach

Well, we did it! I guess we can go home now. We made it to the famous Pig Beach, and it was just as great as all the pictures and videos I have seen (other than the fleas).

    There were pigs of all sizes, massive mamas and cute little ones that were likely less than a pound! We brought a carrot (yes, only one as I am greedy and want all the veggies for myself) and hand fed the little ones while tossing food far away to make the big ones swim for it.

We were able to sneak in early morning, so we had the piggys all to ourselves. Throughout the day several speed boats bring tourists in to feed and play with them. I can’t imagine how much they eat a day (insert terrible joke about pigging out pigs!). Pictures speak for themselves, so I will keep the writing very short.

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